Are House Managers Allowed to Lie in Answers to Senators’ Questions?


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Is this a rhetorical question?  I guess so. Are these lawyers underoath? What’s the point of asking them questions, if you’re going to get lied to?  Makes no sense.  Everytime Schiff and Nadler rose to answer a question, they lied.  Nadler said, “Trump enlisted the help of Russia to steal the election in 2016 and attempted to enlist the help of Ukraine to cheat in 2020.”  These are outrageous lies.  Why can’t the defense object?  Why doesn’t the judge slam down his gavel?  This is not a normal trial.

“Objection, Your Honor!  States facts not in evidence!” should have been said everytime Schiff and Nadler answered a question.  This is a Sham Trial of a Sham Impeachment. To the average person listening or watching this trial, they are being misled. I had to listen via radio and the host of the radio station was definitely siding with the House Managers and pooh poohing anything said by the defense.  Even radio is lying.  For instance, when the defense rose to give an intelligent answer, the radio host would interpret it for his liberal audience afterwards and put his spin or sarcasm on it.  It was a San Francisco station so to be expected.

I would have asked only one question of the House Managers:  “Does running for President make a candidate “above the law?” They are so big on the “above the law” phrase, just use it back on them.  Biden or any candidate involved in corruption needs to be investigated even though it was during 2016. Obama and his FBI certainly investigated (spied on) Trump while he was a candidate.  What’s good for the goose.

There is a concerted effort from the left to take out Trump from all media outlets or at least tarnish him before the next election.  This has been their goal all along because they can’t stand to see how successful he’s become.  Trump is symbolically the first Jewish President as they claimed Bill Clinton was the first Black President. Same could be said for Trump as he has done more for the Jewish than every president beforehand and is probably why Sanders and Bloomberg are so jealous.  They want to wear the crown of being the first Jewish President.  Too late.  Trump beat you to it.

I can’t wait until this sham trial is over so we can get back to the business of running our country. The Bolton witness is just a red herring the left is using to extend the trial. Don’t fall for it Senators.  Ask for a dismissal.

“What is a Dismissal?

A dismissal is the termination of a case before the question of guilt gets to be adjudicated. A judge may order a case dismissed for a variety of reasons. These reasons include:

  • Lack of sufficient evidence or probable cause for the matter to proceed to trial. A judge typically dismisses a case for these reasons upon the filing of a motion, or application for order of dismissal, by a defendant;

  • The evidence obtained by the prosecution was obtained through violation of a defendant’s constitutional rights. A defendant’s constitutional rights can be violated in a number of ways, including through an illegal search or seizure, or through failure to honor a defendant’s Miranda rights – the right during a custodial interrogation to remain silent, and the right to have an attorney be present during questioning;

  • The prosecution has engaged in flagrant misconduct. An example of misconduct is when the prosecution has exculpatory evidence (evidence that tends to show the defendant is not guilty of the charged offense) and deliberately refuses to share that evidence with the defense. The US Constitution requires that exculpatory evidence be given to the defense. If a judge finds the concealment of exculpatory evidence was deliberate, the case may be dismissed.” Legal Match

The House is guilty of all of the aforementioned and the judge should dismiss.


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