Are All Consciences Created Equal?


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When we vote our conscience does that mean it is the right vote?  One person’s conscience may be totally different than another’s. Romney says he is making the right decision according to God, his religion, and his oath to the constitution.  But does that mean the rest of the Senate is not religious, has no conscience, or upholding their oath?  I submit that Romney’s comprehension skills are less than adequate for the job he is in.  If he couldn’t understand what Mulvaney was saying at a press conference, then he doesn’t have good comprehension skills and would have made a terrible president.  He almost reiterated what Adam Schiff has been saying about Trump verbatim which leads me to believe he’s trying to garner favor with the fake news media and the Dems.  But why?

I thought when you run for office in one political party you should be loyal to it. All for one and one for all.  Not Romney.  He goes against the grain.  Romney may be looking for a job at CNN or MSNBC when he gets recalled. They love hiring anyone that turns on Trump. This could be his only reason for being a turncoat.  I don’t believe his conscience, as his conscience is wrong.  For some reason he can’t comprehend that Trump would look into corruption during the 2016 election after all the crap they have put him through?  Romney has no clue what Trump has gone through or doesn’t care.  He is vengeful and that is not a religious trait like he is ballyhooing about. And what happened to the Golden Rule of do unto others?

You can’t impeach someone for saying the words “the Bidens.” Joe Biden strives for the highest job in the land and Trump has the right to look into his past corruption when he was vice president as he would for any other candidate with rumors of corruption. Nothing to do with 2020 as Romney has claimed, “Enlisting the help of a foreign country to win an election.”  A bullsh-t accusation which mirrors what the left accused Trump of doing with Russia and was investigated for three years ad nauseam.  Seems ol’ Romney wants Trump out of office.  Very cruel punishment for something so vague.

Trump was trying to protect the future of America from a possible corrupt candidate–nothing to do with himself like Romney thinks.  The president has more information than the rest of us are privy to, so Biden deserved looking into. Like Dershowitz said, “There can be more than one reason for doing something.  There can be multiple reasons,” i.e. if he protects the country and it happens to help him too–not a crime–just doing his job.

I would have given Romney more respect if he had just voted for convicting Trump rather than going to the mic.  When he goes to the mic, there’s an ulterior motive.

Goodbye Romney.  Been nice knowing you.  You just wrote your political obituary. Trump is right.  If you had fought this hard against Obama when you ran for president, maybe you would have won.  Too late now.


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