Most Dishonest Question of the Night.


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Stephanopoulos asked, “Even though we’ve had ten straight years of economic growth…why are some children living in poverty?”  Way to slip in a big lie about Obama Administration. The question should have been, “Even in a booming economy, why are some still living in poverty?” I guess ol’ Obama had asked Georgie for a favor.

Again the media is spreading this lie that the booming economy has been “booming” since Obama took over.  This is not my recollection, and I hope the rest of America has the same recollection.  If we can’t trust the moderators to ask a question based on truth, what are these debates for anyway?

A few other lies were filtered out during the question and answers; for instance, Buttgieg said Trump doesn’t read his intelligence and took out Soleimani with no intelligence putting us on the brink of war.  Complete opposite is true.  The candidates called Soleimani a General but not a terrorist.  They downplayed the evilness of Soleimani, referring to him as a government official.

Biden claimed he and Obama took out ISIS. Another lie.  Basically every success Trump has had, they’re trying to take credit for.  It is appalling, if not pathetic, but it could sway a few low information voters.  Sanders wouldn’t admit that he married and honeymooned in Russia and that he is a Socialist, so he just deflected and answered that Trump lies all the time.  Problem is, it’s all on the record, Sanders. Nice try.

I’m sick of Amy playing the “poor upbringing card” and her grandfather’s large family.  We all had grandparents from large families.  Mine had over 13 siblings each.  Amy voted against Kavanaugh and believed the lies told about him so that disqualifies her in my opinion.  She’s not fit to run. She needs to get off her soap box, literally.

I love the way Warren and Amy took credit for USMCA like they had negotiated the trade agreement.  Again the Dems are trying to take credit for Trump’s achievements. Biden even lied about George W. Bush saying he said he wasn’t going to go to war with Iraq just meeting with UN officials.  We all knew when we were going to bomb Iraq as it was highly reported for days.  It was called Shock and Awe. For Biden not to know this, means he’s just lying. But that’s all the Dems do.

Another annoyance was Warren, Buttigieg, and Amy repeating what they think are jokes, but we’ve heard them before.  Not original and not funny.  Pete is very rehearsed as he looks like a deer in the headlights until his talking points kick in, but he never answers the question.  He’s a bullsh-t artist. Hey Pete, Trump doesn’t want a wall around America with moats and alligators.  Dumb joke.   Find a better writer. Also when he tries to compare Trump’s decision when he was seventeen years old not to be drafted to his decision to serve as an adult is out of line.  He knows nothing of “the draft” and how scared all our boys were to go to Vietnam.

Funniest line of the night:  “We have the most diverse party” as we look at the stage of all White guys and gals.  Very funny, Steyer.   Amy said “There is a complete lack of empathy from this guy in the White House.”  Again trying to steal Trump’s connection with the average man. Trump talks to all people; she knows it and it irks her. She also said we need to get rid of Trump because we’re tired of all the “noise and nonsense.”  Noise and nonsense are code words for their nonstop impeachment shenanigans.  Now they’re trying to blame Trump for what they’re guilty of doing–causing the noise and nonsense.  That’s on them, not Trump.

Weirdest thing of the night:  Not one question about the strange behavior of their leader Nancy Pelosi during the SOTU Address.  I guess the media is so embarrassed that they want to bury that fiasco.  And Warren please stop saying that folks are choosing between food and a prescription drug.  Stupid comment because if one is that poor, they’d be on food stamps or shop at the Dollar Tree. No one is starving to get a prescription filled.

When Steyer crows with his finger wagging that Trump is a crook and will always be a crook and is incompetent and his economy isn’t delivering, that is a blatant lie.  Shameful. And who the hell is in their audience cheering this crap?  Low information voters.

Romney’s name came up and the audience cheered.  They all vilified Trump for firing tattletale Vindman who was the leaker to the whistleblower.  Not to be trusted and should have been fired long ago.  Biden wants Trump to pin an award on Vindman rather than Rush.  What a joke.  Another lie they’re all spreading is that Trump wants to eliminate pre-existing conditions being covered from health insurance.  Not true.

Biden looked angry throughout the night and stammered his way through the answers. One question came up about Hunter Biden and Buttigieg covered for angry Joe saying Trump should be ashamed for pitting a father against his son.   How all these Dems dismiss that father/son scandal still baffles me. If Trump was Joe there’d be headline stories about this.  But the Dems always circle the wagons.

From the looks and lies of the candidates left on stage, it is evident that they’ll throw someone else in at the last minute. They all looked defeated already, especially Joe. They see the writing on the wall.  But the Dems are cheaters, liars, and scammers.  They’ll cheat to get who they want to run against Trump.  I still think Michelle is waiting in the wings.




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