Biden Needs to Get on “His” Pony and Ride Off into the Sunset.


silhouette of person riding horse
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For Biden to attack a college girl who asks an intelligent question by calling her a “dog-faced liar”  was ten times worse than anything Trump has ever said to anyone in his audience when he was campaigning.  And that spilled off his tongue just a little too easy for my liking.  He must say it all the time in private. He’s a trash talker from the hood. But the press gave him a pass saying it was a line from a movie.  Well, if that’s his excuse what’s next, “Do you feel lucky?  Well do ya, punk?”

Biden is angry and it shows. He’s losing it more and more on the campaign trail and can’t take tough questions.  If you can’t take the heat, get out of the kitchen as the old saying goes.  It will get much worse when going up against Trump.  He’ll bring up all Biden’s scandals.  Then when Biden says he will beat Trump physically and mentally, that’s a stretch.  Trump is years younger and much sharper. I think Biden is full of himself.  He may have fooled half of America with is father/son scam in Ukraine, but he hasn’t fooled the rest of us.  Biden needs to quit before he embarrasses himself any more.  He won’t beat Trump like a drum or a drumstick or even a bongo drum.  He needs to quit already. The Impeachment Sham hurt Biden more than Trump as it exposed the Bidens’ involvement in Ukraine. You can’t recover from that.

I feel sorry for him as he was so confident that this was his time to run. But he took a chance by having the whistleblower (who used to work with him) make a preemptive strike on Trump.  Bad move.  Biden took a chance of eliminating his opponent (which ironically is what they accused Trump of) and it backfired on him. Obama picked him as VP to distract while he got away with all his scandals as he knew Biden had years of “selling influence” that Obama held over himAfter all, they were senators at the same time and knew what each other were up to.  Keep your friends close and your former opponents closer.

Biden needs to admit to himself that Obamacare was a complete and utter failure for everyone involved.  No one likes Obamacare.  It needs to be replaced.  Biden needs to admit to himself that Obama has not endorsed him and that he’s not his buddy.  Biden needs to admit to himself that he is too old for the position of POTUS.  His mind and verbal skills are slipping.  Biden needs to admit to himself that he was just as much a part of the Benghazi cover up as Hillary was. He was either part of it or was told to keep quiet. Neither is good.  Biden needs to admit to himself that he was also part of the shady deal with Iran where pallets of cash were sent in the dead of night as a bribe to Iran.  He was either part of it or was told to keep quiet.  Neither is good.

Biden needs to get on that pony like a good soldier and ride off into the sunset and enjoy his golden years with his family before he ruins his legacy any more. Bye bye Biden.


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