Feigned Outrage Over A.G. Barr’s Investigation into Stone Sentence.

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The crazies are at it again.  They couldn’t get Trump so the next best thing is Attorney General Barr.  Barr is a threat to those that are feigning outrage.  So is Trump.  Everyone knows Roger Stone got a raw deal from the wee morning raid on his home with CNN watching, to the biased jury, the overzealous prosecutors asking for nine year sentence, and the biased Obama judge.  It’s time to set the man free.

Just because he tweeted something about Wikileaks after the Podesta’s emails surfaced and was friends to Trump, the Mueller Mob came at him.  Trump should pardon him.

The Democrats in power are creating all this “noise and nonsense” and the media is amplifying it. The candidates asking for Barr’s resignation are desperate to get noticed.  The candidates left on stage are not even worthy for the VP position.  And we all know Biden can’t be VP again.

Buttigieg is a boring bloviating mayor of a small city riddled in crime that talks in circles but never answers a question. Klobuchar is the new flip-flopper.  She used to be for a border wall and legal immigration but has flipped on her head to please the crazy left. Now she wants illegals to have free healthcare and that is an attraction for more to cross illegally.  She’s not ready for primetime.   And we all know who Bernie is as he tells us who he is.

The Democrats know that they don’t have a candidate to beat Trump, so they’ll do anything to impeach him again or impeach Barr.  They are obsessed with impeaching as it’s all they got left.  This is evidenced by the crazy Trump Haters from a kid who slammed his van into a Trump/Pence Voting Registration tent to a nut on ASU campus calling for Republicans to be slashed to golfers on the golf course complaining about Trump rather than golfing. They are all going nuts.

This may be the first election year I’ll be afraid to put a sticker on my old car or a sign on my lawn. The crazies can’t be trusted and I don’t have the Ring Doorbell to video them. But I’ll still stick up for Trump if I hear someone spreading lies about his accomplishments. Their biggest complaint lately is Trump’s tweets.  I say to that “Look at his feats, not his tweets!” 

Oh and Nancy complaining today that Trump promised an infrastructure bill over and over and broke his promise.  Hey Nancy, he’s been a little busy the last several months getting impeached by you. I’m sure his new budget includes infrastructure if you take the time to read it rather than going to the mic daily.  Then you won’t have to pass the bill to know what’s inside the bill like you did with Obamacare.

Note to Trump:  A.G. Barr is your best ally right now.  Don’t do anything to upset the applecart. If Barr does something you like, keep it to yourself.  Celebrate with your family inside the White House. Let him do his job without you congratulating him.  He’s a big boy and knows what he’s doing.  He needs to systemically go after each and everyone of these scoundrels that conspired against you, and you can’t comment. Otherwise the fake news media and the Impeachment Squad will feign outrage and accuse you of interfering with an investigation.  Loose lips, and tweets, sink ships.  

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One thought on “Feigned Outrage Over A.G. Barr’s Investigation into Stone Sentence.

  1. You’re spot on, the Roger Stone arrest, and conviction is so over the top it’s not funny. Roger was targeted by Trump hating prosecutors and a Trump hating Judge. There are clearly some things Trump should refrain from commenting on, and this is one of them. I agree with several of the pundits that the smartest move for Trump would be to sit tight and then pardon Roger Stone. He’s going to take major heat from the Dems, but who cares, everyone knows they cry wolf at the drop of a hat. This will go on as long as Donald Trump occupies the white house. It’s truly sad. The only way it can be stopped is by taking control of the house again. Let’s hope voters do that next November.

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