Russia’s Back? Do They Know About it?


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How stupid do the left think we are?  Has anyone noticed that whenever the left has an epic failure like this week’s Democrat debate, the very next day they release more lies to influence the election? What are the chances that Russia could interfere in our elections again?  None, because they didn’t before.  This is just another attempt to scare the voters into thinking Russia wants Trump or to remind the voters of the Mueller Report.

For the last time:  Trump and his campaign DID NOT collude with Russia!  Hillary did.  Schiff tried.  The FBI did.  But not the president! NOT ONE VOTE was changed because of Russia.  Not one American changed his vote due to Russia interference. Wikileaks did not get emails from Russia. FBI was told to stand down by Obama when they went to talk to Assange.

Here’s what’s probably going on.  After the horrible debate the Democrats had, they get together in a late night basement meeting with members of the Deep State and come up with their next plan to change the news narrative away from Bloomberg’s failure and Bernie’s socialism.  The whistleblower is in attendance of this meeting so are lawyers of the Mueller team. They have to come up with something, anything, to get the people to stop laughing at them.  “Why not try Russia again?” one member of the star chamber asks.  “It worked before, at least for three years,” another member says.  “Russia it is!” cries the leader of the Resist Movement.

I don’t believe this fake news that came out as it sounds too familiar to all their other lies, and I haven’t even seen the evidence of the last so-called Russia interference.  Just because they say it, does not make it true.  Trump making a joke at a rally is not Russia interference.

Most of the Mueller Report was filled with lies, rumors, and presumptions (much like the Ukraine hoax) written by thirteen Hillary activists.  Not to be believed.  Mueller couldn’t even answer any questions to congress as he was embarrassed about what was in the report.  America can’t keep going through this yet the fake news media was in lockstep today spewing their lies about Trump and Russia, again.  Some saying, “Trump is colluding with Russia like he did in 2016.”  I guess they didn’t hear the results of the Mueller Report.  NO COLLUSION BY ANYONE!  All made up by Comey and his cronies.

We should just dismiss this story as more of the left crying wolf. And we all know what happened to the boy who kept crying wolf.  When something really happens, no one will listen.  Whenever the likes of Schiff, Nancy, or Swalwell come to the mic that means it’s another one of their concocted shams.


Klobuchar accused Trump of not having a heart.  Did he not have a heart when he just pardoned eleven people for their crimes or commuted their sentences?  What about when he honors veterans at his rallies?  Is that not having heart?  What about his cancer program to let terminal patients have one more chance at living?  He does have a big heart.

I’ll tell you who has no heart: Klobuchar when she sat at a sham hearing and believed Blasey Ford over a lifetime respectable lawyer, Kavanaugh.  She sat there while his family got torn apart on national tv.  She has no heart.  If she had a heart she would have stood up and put an end to the sham of a hearing like Lindsey Graham did.  She’ll never be president.

And Biden who called Trump a God awful president during the last debate.  He has the nerve invoking God when he has been dripping in corruption with his son for years. I wonder if God condoned his corruption.  It wasn’t Trump who initiated the investigation into him and his son, it was Biden himself on camera commiting a quid pro quo. And if he thinks he’s out of the woods on that scandal, he’s got another thing coming. Shame on him.

For Bloomberg to call Trump a con man and not a manager, he’s got a lot of gall.  Trump has been a successful foreman at thousands of construction jobs over the years and that takes managerial skills.  He’s a hand-ons owner. I’m sure not all of Bloomberg’s dealings have been on the up and up over the years, so he better shut up as his chickens will come home to roost.

Warren is a man-hater.  I guess no one where she worked every flirted with her and she’s resentful.  She really liked that horse-faced lesbians comment enough to repeat it. Must have struck a sour note with her. She’s clueless if she thinks she can go back thirty years on Bloomberg and get him on inappropriate comments.  Half of congress has had to pay off women over the years and have signed NDAs. She needs to see a doctor as she was gasping for huge gulps of air between every snarky remark.  She may have COPD.  And her closing remarks that she was a fighter like her mother who struggled to make ends meet was typical for those times and shouldn’t be a qualification for president; otherwise, we’d all be running.


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