When in Doubt, “Vote Trump!” What Have You Got to Lose? Everything if you don’t.


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Photo by Victoria Borodinova on Pexels.com

I’m hearing from all my Democrat friends that they are pulling their hair out on who to vote for. No one wants to waste their vote on someone bound to lose, so some are choosing Sanders to be part of a winning team.  But at what cost winning?

Are you willing to win if you lose your company-provided healthcare insurance?  Are you willing to win if you lose your fossil fuel pension that was promised to you when you retire from a gas company?  Are you willing to win to give up your classic gas running vehicle?  Are you willing to win to see your local dairies go out of business?  Are you willing to win to see layoffs at your company? Are you willing to win to wait in line for healthcare?  Are you willing to win to see gas prices soar and eventually gas stations closing?  Are you willing to win to give up on air travel?  Are you willing to win to hand over your handgun that you need for protection in your home? I could go on and on but you see the picture. A country run by a socialist in any name will turn the country upside down on its head.

Why upset the applecart if things are not that bad?  Socialists will take away your freedoms and your choices. Sure, college tuitions are outrageous. Congress could pass a bill that lowers tuitions somehow.  Sure, some drugs are exorbitantly priced.  That could be solved by congress as well. Sure, some folks do not have health insurance but it is their choice not to have a health plan.

Health insurance is a CHOICE not a right. Just why I went to work full time at age nineteen, to pay my way and have my own insurances, health and car. It is a work incentive. Unlike today when kids have no incentive to get a job.  They stay on their parent’s health plan until age 26.  Ridiculous, as it just enables laziness.  But regardless if you have insurance, right now the ER cannot turn you away. That in itself is why they charge so much, to cover for “uninsured patients.” More jobs = less uninsured patients.

We are not sure what the left is running on aside from the Green New Deal which is guaranteed to bankrupt the country.  It doesn’t make good economic sense. No one knows how to pay for it and is ridiculous to begin with, just as Bloomberg said in the debate. Sure there is talk of climate change but to join the Paris Accord only punishes people who buy gasoline does not cure the problem.  Helping to reduce carbon emissions is a worldwide problem not just the U.S.  So even if we went all green it would do nothing to save the planet as we don’t control the world.  God has a lot to do with world issues and usually steps in to help us as he works in mysterious ways. “In God we trust” is not just a slogan.  Sanders followers are not big on God.

To end travel by fossil fuel would be the end of our country and most businesses.  How does a company get their products shipped?  By diesel fuel trucks–not solar-paneled trucks or battery-operated trucks.  So that in itself would end businesses all across the country including FEDex and Amazon.  Their whole industry relies on shipping as most companies do. How does one travel to Hawaii without a plane?

Let’s do a one phrase platform for each candidate:  Sanders: “Freebies for all.”  Warren:  “Tax millionaires’ wealth.”  Biden: “Come on, man. I did that.” Buttigeig: “Professing God’s approval.”  Bloomberg: “Capitalist to take out Trump.” Steyer: “Climate crisis.” Klobuchar: “Her in the White House.”

As you can see none of them address the economy as they know it is running smoothly and can’t be improved.  But they say it leaves out the middle class, which it doesn’t.  Just because they say it, does not make it true.

To my friends who are wondering who to vote for:  Swallow your “hate Trump” pride and vote with your brain. Look at Trump’s feats not his tweets.   Don’t vote for compassion on any issue as it will not help it. Compassion for the Democrats is giving out handouts, needles, and guilt. Compassion for the Republicans is having a robust economy where no one needs handouts, needles, or guilt, i.e. teach them to fish.  Different philosophy–one that works versus one that doesn’t.

neon signage
Photo by Ivan Bertolazzi on Pexels.com

So when in doubt, “VOTE TRUMP.” THE BEST IS YET TO COME. What have you got to lose?  Everything if you don’t!

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