Democrats Want to Take Control But Can’t Control Seven Nuts in a Debate?


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What’s wrong with the fake news media that they refuse to use a bell or mic switch to stop these mixed nuts from interrupting each other and going over their time limit?  What is wrong with them?  It’s a simple solution, but they refuse to use it.  I guess they think they are too good for the bell or mic switch because they are more civilized than the Republicans who used it. Proved that wrong.

Now for the debate or the “shout down.” These candidates have no respect for rules and most of them broke them sort of how they treat the results of elections. Most of them have lived a lawless life and it showed on stage, especially Bernie and Warren. The only adult on the stage was Bloomberg who stuck with the rules like a good businessman would.  The rest have no experience in the real world and think it revolves around them.  It doesn’t.

The worst was Warren again.  She interrupted the most to be heard.  She told a whopper of a lie that she got fired for being pregnant.  This lie has already been debunked yet she repeated it again on national tv.  This proves that she has lied so much that she has begun to believe her lies much like Biden does. And they call Trump a liar! Trump lied about crowd size at his inauguration or exaggerated.  His so-called lies pale in comparison to the Democrats who lie everyday yet they call Trump a pathological liar and the most dangerous president in history.  I just wish one interviewer or moderator would ask these candidates, why is Trump dangerous or what lies has he told? But they never do.

Biden told a whopper too.  He said that 150 million people have been killed by guns since 2007.  I knew that sounded crazy yet not one person challenged him on it.  This says they are either stupid or don’t know the facts themselves. He also tried to take credit for a bill that Klobuchar introduced.  She laughed at him.  But not one question on whether he was really arrested in South Africa.  The media is still covering for him.

Most of the candidates came at Bernie but his answers to their questions were purposely vague and misleading just like Obama’s used to be.  The audience clapped at his stupid answers.  Makes me think the audience is not that informed.  They’re all in for the “freebie king.”  What’s wrong with living paycheck to paycheck?  At least people are getting a paycheck.  We raised three kids on paycheck to paycheck.  It’s called the American way.  Better than living on welfare and food stamps.

I was shocked to hear that Bloomberg bragged about funding the election of 21 congressmen into the House so he could put Pelosi in charge.  That made me sick.  That alone disqualifies him.  He’s clueless if he thinks Pelosi is an asset. And to think Judge Judy endorsed him.  I heard the candidates disparaging Graham, McConnell, and Cruz.  These are our good guys.  They want them out because they’re coming for them.

Buttigieg says when America sees the president on tv their blood pressure goes up.  Not true.  We like what we see and hear.  He can’t speak for all of America, just the Democrats who suffer from TDS. Buttigieg, with all his schooling, had to recently heist a speech from Obama with all the cadence and arms movements too.  He’s a complete phony and plagiarizer like Biden.

Klobuchar’s answer to what is the biggest misconception about you was bad.  She said, people think I’m boring, but I’m not.  If you have to tell people you’re not boring, you are boring.  Never good to say that out loud.  I also heard Biden mumble that Trump wasn’t our president.  Really?  What is he then? Maybe he still thinks Obama is. Notice how they all tried to cling to the Obama mantle.  They all want to be Obama’s buddy, even Bloomberg.  I’d have more respect for them if they took an opposing view of Obama; after all, Obama’s economy sucked.  If one of them would just admit it, maybe they’d rise in the polls.  But they either lack comprehension skills or are cowardice, neither a good quality to be president.

The media and the candidates latest attack on Trump is the coronavirus.  I knew it would just be a matter of time before they blamed it on Trump.  The media has called it a Trumpvirus. He has held meetings, stopped flights from China, quarantined Americans that he brought home, and now asked for 2 billion to fight it here on our soil.  In fact, I recall Biden saying it was stupid to stop flights from China. What a dummy. No one brings that up against Biden. China has refused our help as they are embarrassed.  Not Trump’s fault.

The left will use any bad news to blame on Trump.  They are pessimists who wish for a crisis to bring down Trump’s presidency. Some are predicting a recession like they did a year ago.  They love saying that Trump doesn’t care about science, like he’s some close-minded jerk in the White House. For a close-minded jerk, he sure has solved a lot of problems, brought back our economy and jobs, solved the VA problem, and thought of the Right to Try cancer program.  I think we need four more years of this close-minded jerk.

So if the Dems think they can take total control of the government and our healthcare but can’t control seven nuts on a stage, we’re all doomed if they win. They are incompetent.




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