Coronavirus is the New Ukraine…


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according to the reaction from the Democrats.  They are weaponizing and politicizing the coronavirus to use against Trump in the next election.  They are spreading lies that Trump reduced the funding of the CDC which handles health threats to America. They also say Trump was caught off guard and is handling the threat chaotically. The opposite is true.  Trump immediately banned travel from areas of China that were affected which received criticism from the likes of Biden for banning flights calling him racist again.

So you see Trump is damned if he does and damned if the doesn’t.  Typical.  We don’t know exactly how the virus is spread although they say it is similar to the cold.  We also don’t know the exact length of incubation period. Most of the cases in the U.S. are from travel of Americans returned here from cruise ships and China.  They are contained. There’s one lone case in Solano County which they claim was not travel related although Travis Air Force Base is in Solano County where they brought many patients.  Maybe this new case worked in or around Travis or maybe they released a patient too soon.

I think some in power are overreacting especially SF which has announced a State of Emergency, and they’ve not one single case.  I think the needles and poop on their streets is a State of Emergency but that has gone overlooked for three years. Emotions are high and paranoia even higher. Patients in quarantine are responding positively to treatment which is good.  We have the best health facilities in the world because we don’t have universal healthcare.

Until this virus is completely eradicated, be prepared for weeks of Democrats going on their soapbox politicizing how Trump is handling it.  They are spreading panic among citizens. Remember their mantra is, “Never Let a Crisis go to Waste,” said by Rahm Emanuel. And boy, oh boy, do they jump on a crisis.  They are claiming Trump doesn’t respect science which is ridiculous–a veiled reference to climate change.  They’re hoping to tank the stock market even more and create a recession prior to the next election.  Ignore them.  They’re crazy, all crazy, especially Bernie, Biden, Pelosi, and Schumer.  Ignore, ignore, ignore anything coming out of their mouths. They’re hoping this is their “new Ukraine” to take down Trump.

Stay healthy.  Wash your hands frequently. Be vigilant in crowds, especially airports and planes.  And pray this will pass soon, possibly by April!

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