Don’t Fall For Feigned Fear Mongering.

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Don’t sell your stocks out of fear.  You’ll regret it.  We sold half our portfolio during the last market crash of 2008 and will never forget it.  It was a mistake as they slowly rebounded then soared when Trump took office.  Never sell your stocks from your retirement plan until you need the money.  They’re for your “retirement” not your monthly income.  There will always be bad news that affects the market.  Get over it.  Relax.  Don’t look at your portfolio.  Give it a chance to rebound which it always does.

The left is using this coronavirus to spread fear amongst us.  Don’t listen to them.  They know their candidates aren’t ready for primetime and are desperate themselves to hurt Trump.  Voters even admit that Trump will win again and they’re bummed.  The candidates at the top are all flawed.  Biden has serious dementia.  I doubt if he could draw the clock on a whiteboard and put in the time requested then remember three random words the nurse says to him.  Doubt he passes the test; that’s a sign of dementia.

Bernie has been a radical socialist for years and wants to ruin America and turn us into Cuba. He hates America.  Warren is a lying, boss-hating, feminist that can’t be trusted to tell the truth. Buttigieg is an Obama copycat running on his gay platform.  Klobuchar says she’s not dumb, inexperienced, nor boring.  That says it all. And then there’s Bloomberg.  He’s been successful but can’t decide which party he is part of.  He panders, apologizes, flipflops, and defames Trump for God knows why.  I thought he liked capitalism and success.  Must be personal.

I’d be worried too if I was a Democrat.  Slim pickens.  They must feel like the guy late to a BYOB party where all the cool girls have been spoken for already.  What’s left?  Some crazy, boney girl who says she eats all the time and gets herself a beer and another who eats with a comb and stands on a box.  Coots.  Or the girl late to a BYOB party and all the cool guys have been taken already.  What’s left?  One gay guy sipping wine, one mumbling “I did that” over in the corner, and a gnarly-haired guy looking for “free beer and chips.”  Slim pickens.  No wonder they’re desperate and asking “is this crash in the stock market and fear over the virus an opening to take down Trump?”

It’s almost as though they wish for people to die, to blame on Trump.  It would be hilarious if not so sad that they’re this desperate.  So don’t listen to the fear mongers.  Hold onto your stocks.  They’ll come back soon.  The virus in America has not killed anyone.  In fact, most are responding positively to treatment.  The media is being pessimistic and spreading hysteria, even FOX News.

Companies affected by the travel ban especially from China will adjust and find their products elsewhere.  It’s the American way.  Apple Computer may want to think about making their parts in the U.S. and putting many more U.S. citizens here to work.  What a concept!  Their costs will rise but at what price doing the right thing?  Priceless.

Don’t fall for feigned fear mongering.  Stay well.  Pray for China’s recovery and American patient containment.  Your stocks will rebound.  They always do much to my chagrin.



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