Continued Shutdown Will do More Harm to Active Seniors Than the Virus.


photo of man and woman wearing face masks
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The unintended consequences of the shutdown will actually hurt seniors more than the risk of the getting the virus itself. The cure can’t be worse than the disease but it is bordering on it.  They’re suffering more than the younger generation from the shelter in place.  The youth seem to able to stay indoors for days at a time on their computers, video games, and cell phones but our generation wasn’t raised with that way.  We enjoy the outdoors, travel, shopping in stores, nurseries, casinos, golfing, fishing, tennis, pools, and televised sports.  And all of the aforementioned has been taken away from us all at once. Our quality of life is affected.

Not only that, but our retirement IRA’s and 401K’s that we live off of have taken a big hit from the shutdown of America.  Not only that, but we have to postpone crucial health screenings like mammograms, dental cleanings, physical therapies, and colonoscopies due to the shutdown.  Not only that, but the real estate which we plan to pass on to our kids someday will be next to take a hit if this shutdown continues.  Not only that, but it hurts us mentally to see our college-educated kids being forced to waste their education while working from home during this shutdown. The economy is tanking!  People are unemployed!  Companies are going under!  Have a heart and stop being partisan!

We don’t believe the media or Democrat governors at all any longer as they all have an agenda now and that’s to hurt the president by tanking the economy with their fake news. They are drooling at the chances of the epidemic re-surging in the Fall.  They’re sick.  They don’t care about people dying.  They just care about ruining Trump’s chances in the next election; otherwise we wouldn’t be hearing all this crap about Trump causing the coronavirus deaths by ignoring early warnings, hydroxychloroquine is killing patients, and the epidemic is coming back in Fall. It’s 100 percent bullshit!

Thanks a lot for saving our lives, governors, but we can’t take being saved much longer as it’s killing us.  And being separated from our families much longer is hurting us too.  It’s no way to live.  Open up America.

Governors, please stop what you are doing to us seniors and let us live our lives and have our livelihood, hobbies, entertainment, and sports back.  Get off your stubborn partisan as-es governors and take a chance by opening up your state safely like Georgia and Texas are doing. Let small companies that are suffering reopen. Let some casinos reopen.  It’s not up to you to decide if they can enforce social distancing as I see everyone doing it on their own. No one wants to die.

For instance:  A hair salon can require their customers to come in with pre-washed, toweled hair, masked, and gloved; temps checked at the door. The hairdresser will be masked and will cut your hair and style with gloves on.  Only four customers at a time in one salon. It is really no different than how one is treated in the hospital right now.  Stores can adapt, customers can adapt. We’re not stupid. We’ll wear masks and keep our distance from strangers–not family.  We’re depending on you to be kind and let us live our lives again. We are all responsible for our OWN lives.  Let us live them!

If we see a store that is not following proper precautions, cleanliness, and distancing, we won’t patron it, but for gods sake let the stores try.  “Right to try” to run a business should be a priority.



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