Businesses Need the “Right to Try” to Reopen.

photo of bartender pouring draught beer
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Unlike this bartender who is probably out of work right now, AOC is still getting paid for not coming back to congress yet is spewing her stupid opinions.  She wants folks to stay at home permanently and not return to their low paying, unrewarding, demanding jobs.  AOC has lost touch with the American Dream.  Let me remind her what it is:

American Dream is “you go to school to get a job to get married to buy a home to have children so they can go to school to get a job to get married to buy a home to have children and so on.”  This is repeated from generation to generation. This is how we replenish the earth with our offspring to inherit it.  The American Dream makes the world go around.  AOC wants it to die.

Cuomo said yesterday, “If you want to work, go take an essential job. You won’t kill anyone.”  Nice talk to a dental office manager, a dentist, an events company owner, a wedding planner, a buyer at Macys, a graphic artist, a musician, a waiter, a bartender, and a construction worker.  Family-owned businesses have rent, overhead, and insurance to pay that requires an income to pay for it.  For Cuomo to think they can just up and go work at a grocery store filling shelves is the most out of touch, insensitive comment from a governor of a state. And some want him to be president?  I don’t think so.

Businesses should be able to have the ‘right to try’ to reopen up. If the public finds them not practicing the Guidelines in Phase One, they won’t patron them.  It’s simple as that. If they haven’t adopted safety measures to protect their customers, they won’t have any.  If their clerks are careless and maskless, they won’t patron them.  If they allow too many customers in the store at one time, customers won’t enter.

I have a cousin who is an independent advertising cinematographer.  Rather than sitting back and complaining, he has redesigned his equipment to film commercials without people being present or staff.  Not sure how he did it, but he has a family to feed. He also has survival skills.  His company would have folded like many others have during this shutdown.

Many company owners have put their life savings into starting a business and have drained their retirement to stay alive during this. They have to rely on a government grant or loan to be approved to stay open for a short time.  They can’t keep this up.  Please give them the “right to try” to reopen up.  Give customers credit for knowing what is safe or not.  Give businesses credit for setting up safe policies like my cousin has.  Give them a chance.

Concerts and events will have to take some time to reopen as it would be harder to contain an audience six feet apart.  Let’s hope some time in the future musicians can resume their careers too; maybe take a day job in the interim. For now their fans will have to wait.

photo of man holding microphone standing on stage


In the meantime, let companies and businesses resume their livelihoods.



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