Covid, Chaos, Cancel-Culture, and Courts: The Four C’s That Threaten the Presidency.

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With the daily reporting of rise in covid cases to the chaos in our cities to the canceling of our history to the politicized court decisions, Trump has his work cut out for him.  None of this existed prior to his election so, therefore, the dunces of America will blame all this crap on Trump. But it has nothing to do with Trump’s leadership. Nothing. It’s all politics.

Today Mayor DeBlasio, who’s gone rogue, is ordering the police to paint on the street in front of Trump Tower “BLACK LIVES MATTER”!  This is a spiteful act by a sick man and should backfire.  Why would the police obey such an order?  I thought they hated DeBlasio. Are they that big of wusses?  Cue the sandblasting equipment once Trump wins election. Or send in the National Guard and remove this guy from the mayor’s office.

But let’s be clear.  Covid is a worldwide epidemic that was carelessly unleashed by China after doing stupid things in their labs.  Unavoidable and not Trump’s fault. We should probably go into their country and bomb their labs in retaliation for the deaths they have caused. The case numbers are being inaccurately reported by hospitals and jacked up to hurt Trump’s chances in November, but the deaths have gone way down. And there’s proof that when HCQ is taken early on, it cures the virus in about five days despite what the lying media says.

The chaos, mayhem, and shootings in our cities started out as a backlash of police brutality on one black fellow in a liberal city in a liberal state.  But now the chaos has escalated and attracted all the lowlifes and is highly funded by outside interests (Soros, Biden, Bernie) due to an election year. The actions of one police officer is not Trump’s fault.  This chaos will immediately subside once the election is over.  It has nothing to do with Black Lives Matter and more to do with Biden Loves Mayhem as he thinks it helps his chances.

The cancel culture seems to be a spin off from the police brutality backlash and is spreading across the nation.  Erasing any memory of slavery claims to be their intent; but, again, has run off the rails and is erasing all our culture. Again, not Trump’s fault as it is being orchestrated by the powers at be in the Democrat party to ruin Trump’s chances in November. Evidence of this is the fact that Nancy Pelosi herself has removed historical portraits of our forefathers from the walls of the House of Representatives.  And I can assure you, whomever she removed from the walls was a much more respectable, notable, and honorable person than herself. She should have a composite sketch of herself posted on the bulletin board in every post office.

The courts have become politicized as well, including the supreme court.  They all know it’s an election year too; and, based on their personal feelings, is how they’re ruling. If they like Trump, they rule in his favor and vice versa.  It shouldn’t be this way, but our country is being ruled by a bunch of wusses right now. So Trump is up against that too.  The Democrats are coming at him full court press as the clock is running out.

But the Democrats causing all this better be careful as America just may see through what they’re doing and come to the realization that it is THEY that are causing the Four C’s not Trump. Some won’t care as they embrace corruption; but the more levelheaded ones may see that their country has been hijacked by a bunch of loony-tuned, radical Marxists (much like Bernie Sanders) and, they’ll prosecute the only way they can–in the voting booth like we did to Hillary.

So be careful what you’re trying to do, Democrats.  It just may backfire in your faces in November. And we’d hate to see you injure your pretty little faces, like Newsom and Robert’s.



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