Let’s Defund Pelosi, Schumer, Nadler, Schiff, and all Congressional Democrats!

In this fight, there's no wall between Pelosi and Schumer ...

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Pelosi and Schumer and their “do nothing” Congressional Democrats don’t deserve to get a salary while the police are working overtime and risking their lives to keep us safe. Let’s hit them where it hurts like BLM did to the Mayor of Seattle.  Once her home got threatened, the CHOP city got cleaned up.  Pelosi said yesterday regarding the destruction of statues, “I don’t care about statues.  People will do what they will do.”  I wonder if she would want her home vandalized like that?  Rhetorical question. She is an uncaring, clueless bleep.

Now they want to defund the Pentagon?  Ridiculous talk! All this talk of defunding is outrageous but makes sense to defund the “do nothing” Congressional Democrats as all they’ve done is waste taxpayer money on politicized impeachments, hearings, investigations, and hoaxes with more to come while we still can’t get an immigration bill to the president’s desk nor a new healthcare bill to replace the failing Obamacare that is fleecing folks with high premiums.

Plagiarizer Biden is now trying to ripoff Trump’s economic plan as he cannot come up with one on his own that is feasible.  Yesterday he plagiarized part of Trump’s message. Biden has moved so far to the left that he had to appear like he was coming back with a “Buy American, Hire American” message.  This is 100 percent Trump’s message as we all know he and Obama sent manufacturing jobs overseas and told us they would never come back. Trump got them back.

Biden also said recently for coal miners to learn how to program computers as they were going to shut down coal mines due to pollution and health concerns.  “If they can shovel coal, they can program a computer!” he claimed. Really Joe?  Totally different skill set and personality required, but what does he know? Little does he know that coal mining is a tradition passed down through the family much like farming.

He can’t ripoff Trump’s economic plan; as the reason it worked, was Trump’s lowered taxes and reduced regulations. But Biden is promising to raise taxes and reinstate the regulations on companies.  Trump’s economic plan won’t work under those conditions.  Biden is the biggest flip-flopper since John Kerry.  All that’s missing is a wake board.

Let’s be real.  Biden is trying his best to have it both ways: to please the Bernie and Warren voters by sticking it to corporate America,Wall Street, and fossil fuel industry yet still trying to appeal to small businesses, manufacturing, and the blue collar workers.  What Biden doesn’t realize is that when you raise corporate taxes to punish the rich corporations and Wall Street you also punish small “S” Corporations too which are the backbone of our economy and will cause massive layoffs.  Obama did it and look what happened. You can’t have it both ways. When you punish one, you punish all.  But Biden’s never run a company so, therefore, he knows nothing of this.

So when you hear the left cry “defund the police”, come back with “defund the Democrats”.  See how they like it.


SIDE NOTE:  The other night I was watching Cash Cab for fun.  Suddenly the cabdriver is asking political questions regarding Trump, Obama, and even Hillary.  I don’t remember him doing this before, but it is clear he is anti-Trump based on his side comments.  Here’s some of his questions:  “What pants suit woman has her portrait hanging in the White House?”  (What? No questions about her erasing 33,000 emails?) “Who was President Trump referring to when he made his infamous gaff calling a tech giant Tim Apple?” (Are you sure Trump wasn’t just being funny rather than a gaffe?)  “What is President Trump’s favorite book, aside from the Bible, called and written by him?”(Implies narcissism.) One other endearing question about Obama.

Point is:   Saying Trump had an infamous gaff that no one remembers proves to me that Hollywood is trying desperately to link Trump with gaffes like Biden has, and which Trump has so few of.  Also for the cabdriver to say Trump would want a book with his name as the title again implies that he thinks Trump’s a narcissist. Why doesn’t the cabdriver ask, “What president made the infamous gaff of saying there are 57 states?”  No one will answer it correct as not one news person ever repeats Obama’s gaffes: Corpse men instead of corps men. Michael instead of Michelle.  Oops!  Major gaffes!

Trump, they are coming at you from all sides now even innocuous tv game shows.  Mike Cohen with a tell all book and possible movie too?  Is Netflix meeting with him? You’re not supposed to profit while you’re in prison.







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