Why Does Sleepy Joe Move so Slow?

He’s obviously on some major meds to help him think clearly; but it affects his movement, so everything he does is in slow motion.

What person in THEIR right mind would vote for a man suffering this condition? will be the question of our time.  This would never have happened back in the 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, and 90s.  What has changed?  Has our politics gotten so corrupt that anything goes now?  With the invent of hidden mics, instant fact checking, and monitors will Joe be able to pull off a debate with Trump to any degree of success? The expectations are so low that if he is able to get in one clear concise comment, the media will praise him. I can hear them now, “Joe came out tonight armed for bear and took Trump down.”

Isn’t what his family is putting him through considered elder abuse?  Why won’t his so-called doctor wife come out and admit that Joe is suffering from senility and will have to step out of the race? Why won’t his medical doctor come out and admit it? Does the Hippocratic Oath need to be changed?  Right now it reads: “I will respect the privacy of my patients, for their problems are not disclosed to me that the world may know.”  Maybe it should be rewritten to modern times to read: “I will respect the privacy of my patients unless their condition will impact the health and safety of our country.”

If Jill had any decency, integrity, or compassion for the man and for our country, this is what she would do.  But she doesn’t.  She and his other handlers are all about power. They want power back in the hands of the Democrats at any cost.  Even at the cost of our election process and the health of our country, thus why they want dead cats voting by mail.

If, in the odd chance that Biden wins, he will be controlled by the likes of Nancy, AOC, Bernie, Obama, Schumer, Brennan, Clapper, Comey and the rest of the conspirators. Is this what you want for our country, America?  Let’s hope not. Wake up and smell the corruption.  Biden will be a puppet to the “corruption” puppet masters.  Don’t let him be president.  Our country, as we know it, will go down the tubes along with our retirement plans, savings, paychecks, healthcare, transportation, fossil fuel, military, safety, beautiful cities, police, culture, schools, parks, streets, and vacation spots. :/

Propping up an ailing man for president would never have happened in the good ol’ days.  He would have been shunned and chased off the stage no matter which party he was with. But today he is revered.  Why is that? Is this the result of too much political correctness that we have to overlook a mental condition of our president?  Or the result of not having any honest, impartial journalists left in the profession to point out his obvious lack of mental acuity? Or a combination of both.

So if you are wondering why Joe is so slow at everything he does from moving his hands to his legs to slurring all his “p” words together, it is probably due to heavy medication. And when he says “he’s tired,” he really is tired. It’s not another gaff. Those meds make you sleepy.  And his slogan is “Build Back Better?” Biden’s not a builder never has built anything. [More like “Bed Bath and Beyond”.] (rip off from Gutfeld Show.)

Sleepy Joe Moves Slow. 

Let Sleepy Joe Go.


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