Democrats Have “Jumped the Shark”…

10 Moments Where TV Shows Jumped The Shark - Goliath

and are in serious danger of achieving the opposite result they were striving for: winning in November.  Independents and even some Democrats are losing interest in the continuous rioting just like viewers of Happy Days after the water skiing episode. All this chaos in the streets is no longer about racial inequality or police brutality and the viewers have frankly lost interest. We know it’s just about the next election and the activists are being paid to cause mayhem until the next election. But they’ve taken it too far.

Residents in some of these liberal cities are starting to see the light.  They’re starting to realize that their towns are being ruined by the radical left, not Trump.  Trump wants to come in and stop the mayhem, but the Democrat mayors won’t allow it.  It is becoming obvious to the residents who’s at fault. And the BLM ads they’re running on tv is also maddening and causing us to lose interest. People are making fun of BLM as well as the Democrats in power as they’ve taken it too far.

Closing of schools in the name of covid is another one of their schemes to hurt Trump.

“There’s a war against commonsense solutions to a virus that has stolen the livelihoods of American workers and the childhoods of their children, and Joe insists that schools and businesses must remain shut down until at least the day after the presidential election.” NWO Report.

So you see, people are beginning to realize that this is all just another Democrat stunt like Dr. Ford, Stormy, Russia Collusion, and the Ukraine set up. The Democrats who’ve gone along with these schemes are part of the problem and get what they deserve; but the rest of us shouldn’t have suffer for their stupidity. We need to fight to keep our schools, businesses, restaurants, and events of all kind open to the public and our streets free from rioters.

The stupidity of cardboard cutouts was “jumping the shark” too.  They’ve gone too far. We won’t settle for a fake audience nor will we settle for a fake president. The Democrats have taken this virtual reality shit too far with fake audience cheers from speakers to superimposing fans in the stands from a previous year’s video. We aren’t living in a video game, we’re living in real life.

We don’t want our kids being taught from a computer screen nor looking at fake cutouts or virtual fans. Allow the fans to return to the stadium with masks on and sit six feet apart unless with a family member.  We are all responsible for our own cleanliness and safety measures even when using a restroom. What’s next a bunch of cardboard fans propped up at each hole at a golf game?  These players get paid far too much to have to coddle them with fake audiences. They’ve taken it too far.

So no matter who Biden chooses for his VP, it won’t matter; just like it didn’t matter when Hillary chose “what’s his name” as her VP.  We vote for the top of the ticket, not the VP.  So whether it’s Michelle, Cuomo, phony Fauci, fake Warren, or facelift Kamala, it doesn’t matter.  The Democrats jumped the shark, cooked their goose, overplayed their hand, bit off more than they could chew, and We the People see through them and have lost interest in them.  They’ve taken it too far.

We the People are tired of turning on the news and seeing the nonsense of stores looted, people shot, police stations and city halls burned, statues vandalized, streets painted by rioters and now fake fans.  We’re done.  We’re done with the whole lot of them. They are making a mockery of America in the eyes of the world. They’ve all “jumped the shark”.




2 thoughts on “Democrats Have “Jumped the Shark”…

  1. It is indeed interesting to see how the general public actually views all of this nonsense. I don’t really have a handle on it other than my own circle of friends who are sick and tired of it, and quite frankly concerned about it showing up in our small city. Fortunately we have a great police force, albeit small. Always great to hear your thoughts. Keep up the good work.

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  2. You too. I’ve been trying to move into a second home we bought end of last year in “liberal” wine country to visit my grandsons. Surprisingly all the workers I hire are fed up with the masks and seem like they are onto the covid hoax. They think it is just politics at play. But they are afraid to say anything until they feel you out. I don’t see my friends due to covid but since they are big libs, I don’t need to ask. One actually said “Trump makes gaffes like Biden.” Not true at all. One other said “he’s mean.” And my brother in law thinks BIden is healthier than Trump just because Biden is thin and resents the fact that his daughter works in the White House like she needed a job. That’s his big complaint. This is the way “they” talk in their liberal circles.


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