Jordan Wipes the Floor with Nadler…

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with his opening statement and exhibit alone at the House Judiciary Meeting which was proof positive that the protesters are not peaceful and that A.G. Barr has good reason to send in Federal Agents to protect federal buildings from being burned.  But, par for the course, the main stream media cut away when Jim Jordan gave his opening monologue but ran with Nadler’s. Another set up by the left.

Nadler and the rest of his goonie women and men lied that the protesters are mostly peaceful and violence is a myth.  That it is “fake news”.  Wow!  Finally they admit there is such thing as “fake news” but for the wrong news.  How Nadler can dismiss what is going on in liberal cities as just a myth defies credibility. Nadler and rest of his goonie women, men and the media claim the protesters are predominately moms and veterans. That’s a laugh!  They must think we’re blind, deaf, and stupid too.  They hired those women to come in as a line of moms to screen from the media the violence that was going on behind them.

A.G. Barr is a stand up guy and as serious as a heart attack.  He cares about the country and the direction it is going in.  “Since when is it okay to burn down a Federal Court?”  Classic question he asked the morons at the hearing. He cares about what the Democrats have done to Trump, although he has no personal interest in protecting Trump.  He’s trying to protect the rule of law that everyone is entitled to be treated equally, even presidents.  And we all know Trump was treated unlawfully and criminally by the Democrats. Barr is not Trump’s wingman like Holder claims he was for Obama.  Another double standard they hold Trump to.

Now the congressmen are claiming that Trump sending in the Federal Agents to restore peace is just to divert from his covid crisis failure and to have a photo op for an election ad.  Please. These ads write themselves without Trump’s name added to them.  The Dems are disrupting the peace to affect the election. Guess what congressmen?  Trump Administration can do two things at once and apparently have to due to YOUR chaotic interference in our next election by rioters.  They will probably surround the polling precincts on election day to intimidate voters. Trump can combat the virus and restore peace in the cities at the same time, photo ops notwithstanding. Nice try congressmen but, again, we aren’t falling for it. We’re losing interest. And you’re looking petty and pathetic.

The House members asked Barr many loaded questions then wouldn’t let him answer in his defense.  It was more for them to grandstand to the camera and then shutdown Barr with “I reclaim my time.” Talk about a photo op.  Remember, whatever they are guilty of doing, they will claim Trump is doing. Barr held his own and answered the questions anyhow.  They all treated him very disrespectfully like they did to Kavanaugh.  Really no difference.  One asked that he be impeached.  The left’s favorite word is impeachment.

Trump could have saved thousands of lives if only the Democrat doctors had listened to him when he recommended Hydroxychorloquine.  But they didn’t and thousands of people died that would have been saved.  The Democrat mayors, governors, Fauci, and doctors have blood on their hands. Now scientists and doctors are speaking out that HCQ together with the Zpack has therapeutic and preventative qualities like Trump first claimed and was even used by Fauci to fight SARS. It has little side effects as long as you don’t have a heart condition. These whistleblowers are also claiming that many VIP’s are secretly taking the drug but refuse to admit it because Trump had endorsed it.  So it is just politics at play again and the whistleblowers have been banned from twitter and facebook.

See ya Nadler.  You should have stayed home today rather than driving into the meeting.  Maybe your car accident was an omen to stay home.  Jordan ate your lunch in the opening segment and you had no comeback other than calling Barr shameful which made no sense after Jordan’s opening. Everything you accused Barr of doing was debunked in the first segment by Jordan. The only shame I see is on the Democrats.

One more thought.  How can the Democrats talk so disrespectful, cruel, and crass to Republicans and never get called out for it?  Trump would never be able to say half the names and lies they get away with.  They are the kings and queens of mean, disrespect, and bullying, yet they call Trump mean. Why is that?

More to come.








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