Store Covid Rules Have Become Nothing More Than a Power Trip.


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During this covid crisis, we are feeling the power of arrogant strangers wherever we go.  From the store clerks to walkers to HOA’s to hotel workers to waitresses, they are all on a power trip because they’ve never felt power before. They love telling you if you’re wearing your face covering wrong or what to touch and not to touch or where to stand and not to stand or what door to enter and not to enter. They get off on it.

They love pasting stickers on the floor telling you it’s a one way aisle. I half expect the grocery police to ticket me for going the wrong direction. It’s exhausting going shopping.  And they are so rude about it.  These low paid bank tellers, store clerks, sales clerks, desk clerks, and some strangers we pass all think they have a power over us. Sort of like Joy Behar who drives around looking for citizens without masks so she can yell at them. Arrogant.

These morons think they can control us since we are in their place of employment or walking on the same street.  I was nice at first when I got scolded by a checker, hardware store clerk, and a waitress; but I’m not going to take it any longer.  Their power is about up. “Appreciate your service; but you’re not volunteers, military, or the police. Get off your high horse.”

Next time I get scolded for doing something not on their covid “to do” list, I walk out of their store leaving a full shopping cart or a table of entrees without paying for it.  This has gone too far. Whatever happened to the old adage “the customer is always right”?  It’s been replaced by “the customer is at our beck and call, and we can treat them however we want. We are essential and they aren’t!”

Not everyone is taking advantage of their position and acting rudely.  It depends on the town you are in.  In one town some picnickers got pepper sprayed by a stranger on a power trip for sitting in the park without masks on.  It’s out of control. But some store clerks are actually kind and sympathetic for what we the consumers have to go through. It’s not easy on us either. We are having to learn to do things we never intended to do before like joining Door Dash, Zoom, and curb side pick ups.

I think covid is being used as an excuse by some; for instance, the teachers are using covid as an excuse to stay home and be lazy while still collecting a salary.  Having their summers off wasn’t enough. Some hated their job to begin with and now are being very selfish to the children by not wanting to return to the classroom in the name of health.  This is not the American Way.  When we are faced with a war, we step up. We are at war with an invisible enemy, but they’re raising the white flag and giving up.  We confront a problem and find solutions. We don’t throw up our arms and say, “we don’t know how to open the classrooms.” Use your noggin.  That’s what it’s for.

So if you’ve been scolded by a stranger in a store or elsewhere, just know that you are not alone.  If you haven’t been, you haven’t gone out much. We are all experiencing it.  Tensions are high, people are scared; but it’s no reason or excuse to treat others inhumanely. These people have taken advantage of us to gain power, but we don’t have to take it.  Just shop elsewhere. Freedom to shop elsewhere.  And if a walker asks where’s your mask (this hasn’t happened to me yet, but I’ve heard stories), tell them to get off your power trip.  They won’t ask again.

I actually want to stop my car and ask a lone masked-walker out in the middle of nature “why the ef are you wearing a mask in the Sierras?” but I bite my tongue and drive on.  Deer aren’t spreading covid.

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