Dr. Zuckerberg Warns Us About the Danger of Hydroxychorloquine.

Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg Says Goal To Avoid Imminent Harm – Deadline


Zuckerberg, the creator of the worst invention in modern day history that has been the impetus for more suicides alone among teenagers, murders by rioters recruited on FB, and the demise of more families and friendships thinks he’s a doctor now and wants to save lives.  Awhhhh, what a thoughtful man. Give me a break.

Yesterday during a congressional hearing among liberal “tech giants”, he had the gall to say that he is not the arbiter of truth but when someone (a doctor) promotes HCQ he has to intervene as it could cause people to take it and harm themselves.  Apparently he thinks he IS the arbiter of truth.

Is Zuckerberg this dumb or is he just trying to affect the next election?  I think both.

FYI Zuckerberg: Hydroxychloroquine has to be prescribed by your doctor after an exam of symptoms of a virus.  If one has no underlying condition that the medicine would have a negative effect on and if it is allowed by the Democrat governor of the state one lives in, then a doctor can prescribe it along with Zpack for optimum results.  Neither are an over-the-counter pill that people will run out willy nilly and purchase without a doctor’s prescription. Neither are new untested medicines but rather quite the opposite. HCQ has been around for 50 years with little side effects.

It is quite clear, Zuckerberg is screening or banning conservative views and videos from facebook like he did during the 2016 election.  But to his members it is called suppression of the news.  Shame on you, Zuckerberg.


Rest in peace Herman Cain.  Always enjoyed listening to you. A truly great, successful man. 😥

To date:  Not one call from a pollster.


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