Obama Fans the Flames of Racism and Voter Suppression at a Funeral…


Watch Obama's full eulogy for John Lewis - CNN Video

resulting in cheers and standing ovation from the attendees of John Lewis’ funeral.  The last time I attended a funeral it was taboo to even clap during the service.  This looked more like a political rally as if Obama himself was running for president again. I wonder why Biden didn’t attend or speak?  Just kidding.

He began his eulogy sounding like a preacher then went political saying some in power are trying their darnedest to prevent folks from voting. This is blatantly wrong. Obama does not respect the dignity of the presidency and how one acts after leaving office.  He’s supposed to fade into the sunset.  But not Obama! He’s not finished with the divisiveness he started in America.

He talked of voter suppression at a funeral no less. He claims asking for voter ID is voter suppression. Yet I recall it was Obama that placed Black Panthers at some polling locations to intimidate voters from entering the building. Eric Holder, his wingman, chose not to investigate. Remember, whatever “they” are doing or are planning on doing they accuse Republicans or Trump of.  He talked of polling locations being closed down in minority areas.  This is crazy talk. If anything we’ll add more polling locations due to the virus to shorten the wait time.

Everyone knows that mail-in ballots are rife with fraud.  I have received three Federal Census Ballots when I should have only gotten one.  So with this in mind, I can only imagine how many “extra ballots” folks will receive especially if they have more than one address. There’s just no accurate way to collect ballots by mail and depend on every post office to do the same.  How do the homeless get ballots unless by volunteers distributing and helping to fill them out?

There is too much honor system involved in the mail-in ballot from post office to post office to the mailbox and back to the post office to post office to the mail in center.  Too much trust and chance for interference or accidents to occur.  And then who’s hand counting them and how long will that take?  Sounds like a repeat of hanging chads.

If we can go to the grocery store, a protest, or a funeral, we can certainly vote leaving six feet in front of us and wearing a mask.  We’re not a country of idiots like they want to treat us. We won’t get “sick” if we stand in a line for ten minutes.  Quit lying to everyone, Obama!  If anything is suppressing the vote, mail-in ballots will be, as ten percent will be filled out incorrectly and thrown out.  Obama is lying like when he lied to us about keeping our healthcare plan, our doctor, and lowering our premiums.  Obamacare caused thousands of doctors to quit or retire early.  He lied.

The hypocrisy of the left never fails to disappoint.  I like the voting booth and the voting booth ONLY.  A mail-in ballot touches too many hands and machines before it reaches the official hands. No telling how many “deceased”, illegals, pets, or felons will be voting fraudulently by mail. I know there’s jail time for voter fraud, but surprisingly we never hear of anyone getting prosecuted for it.  The government doesn’t have the time to tract these lawless people down. Plus mail-ins would begin at the end of September not allowing for the inevitable “October surprise”.

Obama, you should be ashamed of turning a funeral into a race-baiting campaign rally.  Shame, shame, shame.  You disgraced the memory of one of your icons (that didn’t attend Trump’s inauguration.)  But the same politicizing was done at the McCain funeral and has become SOP for the Democrats. Everything is politics to them.

The Democrats definitely don’t live by the Golden Rule. For instance, the Republicans wouldn’t turn a hypothetical  Republican senator’s funeral into a Biden bashing event.  They just wouldn’t. They have more class. Democrats live by their own self-aggrandizing rules. After witnessing Obama’s disgraceful performance today akin to a campaign rally, we need to vote them all out!


2 thoughts on “Obama Fans the Flames of Racism and Voter Suppression at a Funeral…

  1. Hi there, just found your blog. I’m going to check it out a little bit. Your blog name says it all. Yeah, we are better off with Trump. He was the better of 2 evils 4 years ago and is again now. I would actually go so far to say he may be one of the most underrated presidents we have ever had in that everything he has done he has tried to do for America and not a political party. I am very impressed at how seriously he has taken this job. Imagine how much he could do if liberals only hated him as much as they hated Bush. I don’t understand how anyone, I don’t care how much you hate Trump, can look at Joe Biden and thing that he’s the guy to lead America. God help us if he wins.

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  2. So you must be an independent. I agree, I can’t for the life of me understand how liberals would vote for Biden either. In 2016, I originally supported Rubio then went to Cruz but now that I know Trump, he has more guts and ideas than they do. He’s not a politician. I’d like to see Cruz as Director of the FBI though.


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