Sleepy Joe Turns Into Angry Joe.


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Last night’s acceptance speech from Biden sounded pessimistic, angry, and dark.  No optimism at all.  Ironically the theme of the speech was “we are the party of light not darkness.”  He smiled a couple of times like the prompter told him to, then it quickly disappeared.  His affect was off.  His cadence sounded coached by Obama as well as the script sounded written by Obama himself.

So Biden’s running on four issues:  Covid, economy, racial and social injustices, and climate change.  He tried to check all the liberal boxes, except the second two items will cancel out the first two.  If we are to focus on racial inequality and climate change the economy will tank and there will be no money for vaccine research.  Can’t have it all, Biden.  Pick one.

Biden sounded like a broken record repeating “Joey, a job is more than a paycheck”, Trump and Charlottesville,  Trump said “covid would disappear”, Trump this and Trump that.  The left is obsessed with Trump and not in a good way.  One of Biden’s Freudian slips last night:

 “There’s never been anything we have been able to accomplish when we have done it together”

That about sums it up for the Democrat party.  They never get anything done as they are all talk. Shovel ready jobs, Obamacare, Solyndra, and now UBER.  Let’s get something clear.  Biden read a speech from a prompter which he practiced over and over.  He took no questions, never went off prompter, showed no humor or personality, and the bar was set real low.

Character, decency, compassion, empathy is on the ballot, says Biden.  Really?  Where was his decency when he cheated on Jill many times or set up Hunter to collect millions in Ukraine and China?  Where was his character when he was a homewrecker?  Where was his compassion for the families that have lost loved ones and their stores from BLM in liberal cities?  Where is his empathy for all the unemployed and children due to massive shutdowns of companies and schools?  None.  Please spare us your holier than thou and moral high ground you seem to take, Biden.  Just spare us!

Trump has more empathy and compassion for victims of violence and unemployment than Biden ever will. He’s actually trying to get schools and businesses to reopen and to end the violence in liberal run cities. The Democrats never brought up the violence in their cities; but when asked later on, they blame it on Trump.  So you see, all the violence is just part of “crossfire chaos” in order to hurt Trump.  It will all end in November.

Trump has a good record to run on, not a bunch of platitudes.  Bringing back soul or democracy is just a vague platitude.  Saying “possibilities” and “build back better” over and over sounds vague too.  No specifics.  I can recall Biden’s mentor saying hope and change over and over.  We won’t fall for that again.

Biden’s brainstorm for curing covid is producing more protective equipment, faster testing, and forced mask wearing for 3 months. His first two brainstorms have already been taken care of.  The third is a violation of our rights. So basically he knows nothing; in fact, he’d open up flights from China, Europe, and Mexico, no doubt.  He wants the wall to be defunded as well as ICE and the police.  He is the opposite of Trump.  Whatever Trump is for, Biden is against.

Biden is nothing more than a typical angry Democrat.  The party of angry people.

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One thought on “Sleepy Joe Turns Into Angry Joe.

  1. Great article! However, you give Old Joe too much credit. He can’t string a sentence together by himself. I’m glad to learn he still can read, but that says little for his comprehension skills. This is the most fun election ever!


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