We Hear A Lot About the “Haves and the Have Nots”…

what about the do gooders and the evildoers?  Watch this video of two young firefighters risking their lives to put out a wildfire then getting caught between two walls of fire coming toward them from opposite ridges. It’s chilling.

Then ask yourself, would Antifa or BLM risk their lives to take a job like this? The answer is a resounding NO!  Instead they start fires and cause havoc and mayhem in cities across America.  They injure and attack firefighters, police, and first responders.  They burn buildings, stores, cars, and police stations. It’s the best of people and the worst of people we are witnessing in today’s climate.

Firefighters are much like police officers who risk their lives everyday saving people and property.  For our mayors in liberal cities to be condemning working class people like this is incomprehensible to me. They should be revered and respected like they used to be.  If anything we need MORE police officers and firefighters during this time of unrest and wildfires.  Please sign up for these jobs if you are young and out of work.  They need your help.

If Trump wins four more years, this unrest in our cities will soon come to an end as he will send in troops.  But first we need to take over the crazy House of Representatives run by crazy people like Nancy and AOC.  Once we do that, things will get back to normal.  Covid will disappear and our cities will calm down.  We can pass a real immigration bill and a healthcare bill that’s affordable to every working citizen.  We can finish draining the swampy swamp that has 70 or so holdovers from Obama that are recommending Biden to win. Who in the government would be so traitorous? We can get funding to complete “the wall” and restore our law and order.  Maybe BLM can get real jobs and be something their parents can finally be proud of.  The police department is hiring.  So are fire departments.  They need young, strong men and women to replace all the recently retired ones.  So cut off your man bun, shave your beard, cover your tattoos, lift some weights, and fill out an application. Maybe they’ll overlook your past affiliations and arrests.

If the above video doesn’t bring a little tear to your eyes for what our police, first responders, and firefighters have to go through, then you have no empathy. Joe Biden has no empathy for our police and firefighters either.  He has forgotten 9-11 when they all stormed the World Trade Center and never returned.  He is cold.  He only cares about his own losses not the losses of 3000 grieving relatives of those that were killed by terrorists. Yet he accuses Trump of having no empathy or compassion.  Balderdash.

Biden uses his elected positions to make money on the side.  He’s never really earned money the honest way like his father used to instill in him.  “Joey, a job is more than a paycheck.” That’s actually good advice, but I don’t think old Joey even knew what his dad was trying to tell him.  He was telling him that every job whether you are a ditch digger or a congressman is something to be proud of as long as you are honest and do your best at the job and not use it to line your families pockets with money and kick backs. Joe blew it. But I digress.

We need to collectively vote to keep President Trump in office along with Vice President Pence.  For the Democrats to mock the pronunciation of Pence’s name during the DNC Convention was petty and fell flat.  I know they are mocking our intelligence by trying to pronounce “Kamala” but let’s face it, no one has ever heard of the name as it is made up. There’s no wrong pronunciation of a made up name. This is the unintended consequence of her parents trying to be original. Not our fault.  I happen to like the accent on the second syllable Ka.mall’a, rhymes with tamale, not ‘Comma.la which doesn’t rhyme with anything not even Pamala.  Just flows better for me.  Get over it Kamala.  But I digress.

Homeowners and renters in New York City are fleeing to the suburbs for fear for their lives.  The BLM and Antifa are similar to a wildfire coming at them whenever they leave their apartments.  They don’t know what they’ll encounter and it’s usually assault.  Clearly, New York City needs a new mayor. Vote in a conservative as your life and property depend on it. These willy nilly liberal mayors are ruining our cities across the fruited plain. And for the DNC to deliberately leave out “Under God” from the Pledge of Allegiance says it all. They are Godless, lawless, evildoers.

“The Haves” are being attacked by the “Have Nots” it is quite clear. They want us to relinquish our homes to them.  Ain’t gonna happen on Trump’s watch; but Biden’s, not so sure.  He may come out and try to sound tough on crime now that he sees it is working for Trump (he is a copycat), but don’t believe it for a second.  He and Kamala (however you pronounce it) have been taken over by the extreme left or the “Have Nots”, and they are out for blood. They tell us everyday on camera.  It’s not even a secret.

Lastly, for Joe Lockhart (Clinton has-been sycophant) to wish that Rush Limbaugh dies from cancer is the most cruel, heartless, evil thing to ever say.  But it proves that it is the hate-filled Democrats that truly lack compassion or empathy that Biden accuses Trump of lacking.  Again, they are projecting. We all wish Rush the best of health and recovery.  But I digress.

Support your local firefighters and police or apply for a job.  They need your help.  We need your help.




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