Top 5 Excuses Dems Will Use for Losing the Election.

I can already hear them.

  1.  mail tampering.
  2.  voter suppression at poll locations.
  3.   racism and sexism.
  4.  and the ever popular “smear campaign from Russia”.

But seriously, they are already making excuses about missing mailboxes and sorting machines because they see the writing on the wall.  Next they’ll say there weren’t enough polling locations. Russia Collusion didn’t work, neither did Ukraine.

The social medias are already banning pro Trump ads or tweets so if any slip through the cracks, they’ll be used as another reason they lost.

Calling Trump and his supporters racist repeatedly during the DNC Convention must have been coordinated by someone as they all said it.  They are planting the seed for excuse #3. Mispronouncing Kamala will be called sexist and racist. Just because you repeat a lie over and over doesn’t make it true.   

Alinsky was a community organizer much like Obama that tried to create movements much like Bernie for the “Have-Nots.”  Sound familiar?  You bet it is. It’s history repeating itself because it didn’t work out so well the first time. It’s a movement alright and it’s coming toward us like a tsunami that we don’t see coming.  But some of us do.  We can hear between the lines when these clowns talk.  And the media is right up there onboard with them.  The days of Woodward and Bernstein are over.  They won’t report on any real scandals, just fake stories leaked to them by the likes of Comey, Brennan, Clapper, Hillary, or McCabe.

Russia is already being accused of interfering in our next election by liberal pundits even though they didn’t interfere with the last one.  Wikileaks is no longer running and the Steel Dossier is dead so we can be rest assured that Russia is not colluding–with Trump at least. Not so sure about Biden as he needs all the help he can get especially after the laptop from hell emerged.

Ignore all their excuses as that is all they are, excuses.  They have no policies to run on, just hate. Hate for Trump and all his supporters. Biden has called us dregs of society, chumps, and ugly.  Did you see the two feminists that attacked a seven year old boy for wearing a MAGA hat?  That says it all.  They are cruel, vicious, hateful, and vindictive. It is their way to bully us into not supporting Trump.  I’d call this election interference but, of course, the media ignores it.



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