Top 20 Reasons We MUST Keep Trump at the Helm.

President Donald Trump visits Arizona in June 2020

If Sleepy Joe wins:

  1. Durham Investigation will be stopped.
  2. A. G. Barr will immediately be replaced.
  3. Electoral College will be abolished.
  4. Supreme Court will be in danger of majority activist judges.
  5. The Wall and ICE will be no longer, i.e. open borders.
  6. Medicare for all, even non citizens and illegals.
  7. Private healthcare plans threatened.
  8. Trump tax cuts eliminated.
  9. Stiff regulations on companies will be reinstated.
  10. Retirement plans will tank again.
  11. Fossil fuel industry threatened again.
  12. China will control us again.
  13. Police Departments will face major cutbacks.
  14. Crime will escalate as BLM and Antifa spread to the suburbs.
  15. Businesses will have major layoffs again.
  16. Relations with the Middle East and Israel will suffer again.
  17. Jobs will be sent overseas again.
  18. Second Amendment will be in jeopardy.
  19. Hunter will shockingly land a cushy job in another country again.
  20. We’ll become a nation of permanent mask wearing and shutdowns.
woman in green and white stripe shirt covering her face with white mask
Photo by Nandhu Kumar on

There are many more than 20 reasons to keep President Trump such as lesser known like Obama’s Promise Plan which was the impetus for the Parkland School Shooter, ISIS regathering, passengers on flights from hotbed countries not being vetted, Right to Try may be abolished, Climate Accord wasteful spending, and trade deals being revoked. Democrats have ideas, they just suck when implemented. Biden was caught again plagiarizing portions of his acceptance speech from a former Canadian leader.  But this is his SOP.  He’s not original; he’s phony.

After last night’s softball interview of Biden and Harris, it is clear they aren’t good at answering unanticipated questions.  Kamala will filibuster if she can’t answer a question and then Biden will interrupt her as he doesn’t want her stealing the limelight from him.  Should be an interesting duo. Wasn’t one interviewer the one who coddled and sympathized with lying Jussie Smollett?  Can’t believe she still has a job there. She got punked.

Biden gets a telltale grin before he tells a lie much like my teenagers used to get. “Watch me!” was his line of the night addressed to Trump in order to egg him into a fight while waving his fingers in a “come on, man” fashion much like a teenager again.  So childish, yet sad.  If Trump had said this it would be considered unpresidential; but, of course, the media covers for this unqualified candidate trying his best to look like a tough guy. And when he crosses his arms, he’s trying to copy Trump. And that newly acquired tan from a man in the basement?  Come on, man.  Trump owns the tan.

Democrat Cramer from CNBC says what Biden is proposing ‘that he’d listen to scientists over governmental experts and shut down the country again to boost the economy’ doesn’t even make sense.  The country would go bankrupt in a second shutdown. Cramer’s voting Trump.

If Trump had solely listened to his scientists, China would have sent infected passengers to our country and hydroxychorloquine wouldn’t have saved one life. Fact is, the more he listened to scientists, the more mistakes were made. Masks off, masks on, masks off, goggles on.   A leader has to have instinct, which scientists do not have. They go by old models and numbers only.  Fauci should have recommended HCQ early on to save ten thousand lives. It was tried and true during SARS cases and he knew it. The virus will diminish and disappear by the election.

Biden is not ready for prime time and neither is smiley, cackling Kamala. When Kamala was asked about her book written years ago about law and order, she suddenly turned white, then the first thing out of her mouth was, “This was written before BLM existed.” Fatal flaw.  What she said in essence was, “She has no principles about law or order or anything really until a radical group burns down cities.” Make a commercial out of that answer. It shows she is a flip flopper and easily influenced.

To date:  Not one call from a pollster and not one person we know has gotten Covid.  Do the math.



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