Violence Against Police is Escalating.

blue and white police car on road
Photo by Erik Mclean on

If you’re a BLM sympathizer you need not read this.  When police are called to the scene of a domestic quarrel where a suspect of any color disobeys police orders, he will undoubtedly be in danger of getting shot.  This is what happens in real life and in the movies.  When you ignore police orders and run to your car looking like you’re reaching for a gun, you’re signing your death certificate. Anyone knows that. Maybe these suspects are trying to die, “suicide by cop” so they can die in infamy like George Floyd did and instigate more riots. What would have happened if the suspect took off with his kids in the car?  How would that have turned out?  Maybe the kids would have been harmed in a shootout or a car accident.  There was no other outcome once he disobeyed the police.

Everyday more and more police officers are getting hit with bricks, fireworks, firebombs, frozen water bottles, and their vehicles destroyed.  They are in danger whenever they are called to a scene. A fire captain actually had his car robbed while he was saving lives in the California wildfires.  This is the world we are living in.  It is akin to the Old Wild West of cowboys, outlaws, sheriffs, and posses. Big difference is, the outlaws would get hung from a rope from the nearest tree if caught doing any of these BLM crimes or at least be put in jail to await a trial.  No bail.

The bleeding heart liberals will say that stealing from those that have money is reparations or justified as they have insurance.  This is wrong.  We all have to earn what we get, not steal.  It is against all laws, the Ten Commandments, the Constitution, every law in every state, and everything taught in school from kindergarten on.  Or I hope so. These days, no telling. 

Kamala said, “Joe can say ‘Black Lives Matter’ but Trump can’t.”  I can’t either as it is a radical organization that chants, “Pigs in a blanket, fry them like bacon” and began under the Obama Administration.  Sorry, won’t do it.  Black people, not in this organization, matter to me as well as all the rest of our races.  No one race gets special treatment.  Sorry.  I think their movement needs to be renamed The New Black Panthers, then see if old Joe can say it. He won’t be able to.

If Sleepy and Kamala think they will run on Black Lives Matter, they have another thing coming.  Only an idiot would vote for them for just supporting BLM, but then the U.S. has lots of those.  I think they’ve made a grave error in judgment. Most Americans are sick of this movement and wish it would just go away.  Joe donates to BLM and vice versa and his campaign bails them out of jail. It’s a radical, leftist Marxist organization that does not help the underprivileged and is mostly composed of radical Whites. They commit crimes daily.

Trump is for law and order as we saw last night at the RNC Convention. And what a difference in conventions.  And how refreshing to finally hear the truth about Trump instead of the daily lies of him being racist.  Quite the opposite.  Figure out what will be best for our country this November.  It’s not rocket science but it is common sense.  Trump should win in a landslide if this is what their platform is.


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